Marketing With Postcard Printing Successfully

A company’s postcard printing campaign is one of those things that will never go out of style or lose its practicality, no matter how many digital innovations pop up in the coming years. Consumers in today’s world still appreciate 4×6 postcards in their mailboxes once in awhile, especially if it carries with it a sign of an incredible deal or offer on local goods and services. For instance, everybody needs a fresh oil change – a perfect catalyst for you to get it done is with a well-timed postcard that advertises for a $5 off the next time you bring your vehicle in for service.

If you are a business owner who is looking to use this tried and true method, make sure you have a clear purpose about what you wish to accomplish with the campaign. Maybe it is to garner at least a 50 percent response rate or maybe it could be driven toward a referral program. Whatever the case, you should make one huge point be the main focus of your printing.

Your audience should be of chief concern when filling out the details for your postcard printing and mailing campaign. Who is most likely to act upon your message, whether it is a call to purchase a new gadget or service? Maybe it is a particular age demographic, gender, location of town or people who already own a specific product that are more inclined to continue their purchases with a said brand. Make sure it makes sense where you are sending them to in order to have the best success.

It is wise to make sure your custom postcards have a bold headline and a nice full color image to go along with it. People are much more receptive to these things than simply a straight block of text or a black and white color scheme. These will help grab the reader’s attention right out of the mailbox as you will not have to include an envelope when directly mailing the pieces. Plus, not only can the recipient analyze it, but everybody who handles it along the way, giving your marketing piece much more exposure than if it was a simple letterhead buried inside a large envelope.

And just like the Godfather says, give them an offer they cannot refuse. This sometimes means a tremendous drop in price for a particular product or service, but it could mean a huge influx of business prospects and a renewed sense of faith in your company. The best way to create a customer for life is to give them something more than worthwhile, deliver the best service (and the friendliest and speediest for that matter), and thank them and encourage them to return. Postcard printing is perfect in this sense for every campaign you launch.