Marketing Concepts for your Postcard Designs

Postcard printing is a great method for your latest marketing campaign. Because they are custom convenient-sized cards, they are best represented with a specific focus. If you can narrow down your printing purpose to a certain promotion or new product, you will have a better opportunity to gain customer attention. There are thousands of great ideas for postcard printing and many ways to go about it, but here are a few solid concepts to get you started.

Tease your customers with a tagline:

For best results with your postcard designs, use front and back printing and take the front as an opportunity to splash your statement on it. If you are going for this approach, create a punchy tagline just for this postcard and follow up with the details and contact information on the back.

Feature a striking photo:

If you want to really live up to your printing potential, find a powerful photo and use it as the basis of your design. Full color postcards are really strong point-of-sale pieces with the right imagery, but rather than flooding the small space with too many images, pick one or two bold ones and play them up.

Add sales incentives to your cards:

Customers and clients love to feel special. If you really want to accomplish this right, you should add a special coupon or percent-off sale to your postcard printing. If you choose to turn your marketing campaign into a direct mail one, people will love to get these special promotions in their mailbox and will be more inclined to use them.