Market New Products with Booklet Printing

There are many perks to marketing with booklet printing. You can choose the size and number of pages to print and then tailor each one specifically to a new feature or product you are launching! Booklets give you the space to provide plenty of details and large color photos. Rather than trying to cram all of your promotions into a small postcard or brochure, booklet printing lets you space it all out.

New products are an exciting time to generate buzz about your business, so if you are looking to spread the word, turn your marketing campaign to full color booklets. But before you design them, consider this advice to make the most of your marketing.

1. Make sure each page has an interesting layout:

You don’t want to create a 32-page booklet and rush through the design of each page. Take your time and make sure each page has a purpose. You don’t want to fit too much in too little of a space, but you want each flip to be as eye-catching as the next for your customers.

2. Create a show-stopping cover:

If the cover is lame and doesn’t translate to readers what your booklet is all about, people may not even open it in the first place. Use vibrant colors and professional photos to draw attention and don’t forget a title, blurb and some splash of your business branding on it.

3. Present product features with lists and bullet points:

No one has the time to read full winded paragraphs about each and every product you are promoting. So if at all possible, use little lists and organized bullet points to get your message across. People will appreciate the brevity and will digest your marketing better this way.

4. Include your contact information:

With an 8-page booklet, once is definitely not even enough for your contact information. Not only do you want to include it in the designs, but you want to repeat it where relevant as much as you can. Include a footer that alternates your website with phone number, and slap your logo on each page in a consistent place. Then, either at the beginning, middle or toward the end, make a page all about your business with all the contact and informative details you can provide.

5. Pair relevant photos with interesting imagery:

If your booklet is comprised of tons of product photos, people will get overwhelmed. To balance out the layout and design, it can be really helpful to play with the colors and style of the backgrounds and include different graphics and unusually shaped accents to diversify the look. Photos are also really important, but using too many could lose their effect, so make sure they are relevant and precisely placed.