Making Your Booklets Professional

Booklet printing is a project that already garners a certain level of status among business owners who rely on it frequently. In order for your booklets to remain true to your public image, they should always be able to pass a quick checklist with flying colors. A catalog is much like a booklet and should also follow similar rules in order to be effective in your area markets among your most prized demographics. When it comes right down to it, here are a few things to keep in mind as you walk through another order online.

Get Them Done At A Commercial Provider

A printed booklet might not look like much, but it is in fact a fairly complex procedure made entirely easy at a commercial printer near you. Most people simply lack the proper tools at home to make them efficiently or with the right color tones and other important factors. They have to be folded a certain way, stapled and aligned properly in order to have the most professional results.

Go With What Works

Perhaps you have seen other examples of great looking booklets out in public that you thought might work for your purposes. You have to stick with your gut instinct when you see it. Some people like to thumb through a booklet that is printed in landscape form (hot-dog style, left to right) while others might find it useful to analyze a much larger version complete with big detailed images.

Make The Cover Pop Out

Your front face is your most important part so make sure that it gets the attention it deserves. You need to be able to convince somebody to not only pick it up, but take it with them and study it right on the spot. High-gloss photos and certain types of backgrounds can help support your underlying message so be specific.

Get Inspired!

Check out your competitors marketing ploys or find some material from one of the largest businesses in your city or town. How do you think they got where they are today? By printing booklets successfully, that’s how. You don’t need to copy them outright (and in fact, that can be illegal in many cases.) But it can’t hurt to take certain cues from their lead and make it into something that can work for your company as well.

Use Custom Fonts

Many websites host a smattering of fonts for you to choose from so don’t feel like you have to select the same old boring ones you’ve been working with on Word documents for years. A lot of these can be recognizable ones such as band-related marquees. Sometimes you will have to purchase them but it could be worth it in the short run when you’re looking for booklets and catalogs that really ring a bell with your public.