Liquor Promotion Tips

If you are involved in the liquor industry and have not taken advantage of promotional printing products, now is the time to take your marketing to another level. Whether you choose to take advantage of brochure printing or booklets, there is a lot you can do to draw attention to your alcoholic beverages. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few ideas:

Use booklet printing as recipe books:

So many people want to try new liquor, but they refrain because they don’t know what to do with the product. If you are distributing interesting new liquors, print a booklet that will showcase the best way to mix them up and leave them at the counter of liquor stores. Full color photos and big, bold fonts are great to pair with the branding of the bottle. The more diverse recipes you can include, the better off you will be.

Include coupons in your brochure printing:

If you want to entice customers to try out your products, give them an incentive to do so. Coupons, mail-in rebates and other promotional sales fit great into an informative brochure. Whether you are going to draw attention to a new product or feature a classic bottle of vodka, rum or scotch, this printing approach can be just the reminder customers need to purchase your products!

Pair more than one of your products together:

Rather than just creating printing that promotes a specific gin or vodka flavor or type, you can pair more than one through the promotion of recipes. Even if you want to include one recipe on a business card or postcard, or feature a whole booklet about it, pairing your liquors is a smart choice. If you give people a recipe that features more than one of your alcohols, your customers will be more inclined to pick up both of them.