Letterhead And The Packages That Complete Them

Custom letterhead printing is like the ultimate in marking your deliverable territory. Your business contacts, customers and other clientele will always know exactly who they are working with every time you send them your company letterhead. Like most print marketing though, it is not enough to do the job on its own. You must have a rounded plan that uses multiple kinds of products in order to fully make your brand aware in the market.

Business Cards

These make for an ideal addition to the act of mailing letterhead. While the latter can certainly provide the necessary contact details of the business itself, one of these cards can give it a personalized touch so that the recipient can feel comfortable communicating with an individual rather than simply an entity that is posted at the top of a sheet of paper. Business cards are much more portable when you are constantly on the go, allowing them to be neatly stowed for a quick reference later on. Attach one of these to each of your letterheads and your customer will know that you took the extra time and effort to make it a better presentation than it could have been.


A postcard is useful because it can be utilized as a business reply mailer or a coupon of some sort. Stick this in with the piece and automatically it turns it into a package with a sense of urgency. You want people to act when you send them some mail so all you need to do is provide the means by which they can send a response back. Make sure that it has a prepaid postage stamp on it; otherwise the person will likely not want to apply their own to give you an answer. This also shows them that you are exploring many ways to interact with clients.


If you want to send a few different items along with your letterhead printing, an envelope will be absolutely necessary and can add a lot of style to the package as a whole. You can choose from various kinds of flaps, sizes and shapes when ordering them online. Your printer will generally have a full-fledged direct mailing service to take care of all post-postage in the event that you do not want to undertake the individual labor it will require to address and mail them all yourself. Look for options on custom sealing to add a creative side to it.

Appointment Card

Sometimes the mailer is sent with the intent of reminding you of an upcoming crucial business meeting. Staple an appointment card to the letterhead and your package is complete. Keep in mind that any and all of these used together (along with others) will support your professional image and keep your brand going steady for the foreseeable future.