Keeping Business Cards Error-Free

Keeping your business cards error-free is the only way to maintain credibility when you are making your first impressions on individuals in the public sphere. The last thing you need as a business professional is for your business card printing to be laden with mistakes. Even one little typo or other piece of misinformation can be detrimental to the way that people view you, your company and your attention to detail. Many people see these types of things as testament to how much somebody cares about a specific operation (i.e. professional lawn care services.) Here is a quick guide to avoiding this kind of thing in the future.

Incorrect Information

You must make sure that everything is in order when it comes to your specifics. Is your company title and your own name placed correctly (not to mention spelled the right way)? How about any phone numbers, email addresses or store locations? Do all of these elements balance themselves out well or do they need to be rearranged a bit to provide for a more readable facing? Make sure you check the backside for accuracy too as this can sometimes escape the mind fairly easily when focusing so much effort on the front side.

Proofread It

No amount of this can ever be enough (actually it can, you just need to do it often!)You will waste lots of time and effort if you screw up the wording that goes on to your business cards. The best trick to use time and again is to read all of your content aloud to yourself. This is how people catch the most mistakes. A good second step is to have your friends, family, colleagues or somebody else close to you read them aloud. Make sure you select at least 2-3 people so there is no possible way of an error sneaking through.

Poor Font Choice

This rule goes way back into grade school: fonts are cool until you get an audience that can’t distinguish them! There will always be a nice medium between being creative and being readable; it is your job to find that place and use it to your advantage. Font size also factors into this because you must plan for people with all different powers of eyesight. If you go too small, some won’t be able to see it and if you go too big you won’t have any more room on your card to put the other things that matter.

Void Of Color

Even in today’s society, only one color might not be enough to do the job. You should plan ahead of time for a custom color scheme that will bring a balanced aesthetic to your printed business cards. Once you do, you will establish your brand identity more thoroughly and gain the recognition in public that you so deserve.