July 4th Booklet Printing For Small Communities

Independence Day means a variety of different things to every American regardless of where they live, their socio-economic status or cultural upbringing. In small towns across the country, pride exists in incredible and outgoing forms, from massive public events to great family get-togethers. All of the above needs a marketable outlet such as booklet printing in order to help the holiday be a successful one for you and yours. Customized booklets serve a bunch of purposes when it comes to marketing products and services that are always closely associated with America’s birthday.


Here are a few common staples found in most small town celebrations. Everybody loves to blow their fingers off with fireworks every year, whether they are putting on a show for thousands of onlookers or experimenting in their backyards with the effects that a roman candle has on the side of a house. Likewise, there are plenty of little trinkets, candies and other doodads that are handed out at parades every year, including the booklets themselves. You can make sure your business is available for the masses by instigating a large campaign through the mail, at your store and at the parades and fireworks shows that take place annually.

Business Coupons

A custom printed booklet is the perfect route to take when you simply want to give out loads of free coupons. They are what get the consumers through your doors and make them spend enough money for it to be worthwhile. Generally these are uncoated text stocks that are easily ripped out to be used at the checkout counters. But that does not mean they can’t use full color printing to pique the public interest. In fact, most liquor stores, fireworks outlets, grocery marts and hardware stores put out big beautiful booklets every year in preparation for the big holiday weekend. It is the ideal time to give people the best deals they can get their hands on for an extravagant weekend of relaxation and respite.

Promotional Material

Because everybody is in tight competition with one another during July 4th, it is safe to say there is quite a bit of promo booklet material circulating the market. One place is trying to pull you in their doors to save more money, another is trying to get you to buy 3 and get one free, and still another is claiming that they have the most bangs for your buck on 500 gram cake fireworks that will light up your celebration like no other can. The real trick is to have good brand recognition and really great deals, not to mention a wonderful location for all those travelers to be able to conveniently pick up a cart full of goodies.