Incredible Die-Cutting Designs For Business Cards

Industry has diversified so much these days that business card printing and designing has made it possible to be 180 degrees different than traditional styles. One way to differentiate your marketable offerings is to incorporate the right kind of die-cut into your business cards. This means creating custom shapes and trimming to impose a new type of creativity into your everyday materials. Some people will opt for the standard two-sided card that reads landscape-style. But if you really want to be a hit in today’s markets, being different means sometimes having to flip your ideas upside down.

Entertainment Industry

If you work in this industry, your personality already insists on being different from the rest. Try going for design that looks like a cassette tape, an 8-track or some other vintage form of music or movie reel. You can have holes punched out to resemble the knobs or twisting mechanisms. Even the font and lines you use can have that old-time feel or some other aesthetic that comes closely in line with the technology of old. If you want to get real ambitious, carry your business cards around in the appropriate case that makes it look like it came out of the real package (i.e. plastic cassette cases, vinyl album holders, mini film canisters.)

Health and Wellness

There are many angles you can take to achieve a creative custom design when it comes to staying fit. Weight loss programs and clinicians could carry a business card that perforates an image of a person’s gut, with the ability for the flab to be lopped off. It is an easy before-and-after technique to show customers what they could eventually accomplish. Similarly for yoga instructors who wish to turn their clients into flexible machines, you could die-cut holes for your fingers that will resemble the legs of a bent-backwards individual. This kind of thing is happening left and right in the world’s small businesses.


The drug industry of old was not always highly technical and diverse. There were things to treat ailments of all kinds, with some of them being total flukes and others developing into regularly prescribed treatments that are still used today. Drug stores clerks, pharmacists and others have been known to throw it back to the days of typewriters with plaque-style cut-outs, faded and rustic fonts and inks and other stylistic elements that date the business card. People are always in touch with nostalgia and can easily identify how this type of design was used. Bringing back retrospective feelings can sometimes tap into the memories of a simpler, healthier life.