How To Write Copy For Your Booklets

Your company has made the decision to order booklet printing online, yes? Perhaps you have an idea about what you would like each of them to look like. This may include color combinations, personalized pictures and photographs, or even the size, shape and page count of them. But have you given the proper thought to what your message will look like? Do you know how to sell yourself with words as well as you can with your aesthetics? Here is a personal checklist of things to do when writing copy for your custom booklets.

Find a Happy Medium

You do not want to abuse any language but you do not want to “speak” like a simpleton either. This means finding the right balance between sounding easy enough to understand (from the perspective of an average and even below-average reader) while using supporting and strong words to get your point across. If something needs to be described more fully, and then make sure you are concise and print in small text to give your booklets the proper understanding. Even though you may have multiple pages to work with, you do not want to simply fill them with descriptions of everything. Break down your words until everyone from a 10-year-old to an elderly resident can grasp the context.

Offsetting Heads and Subheads

To announce a particular page worth of materials, you need to properly instill headlines that use the same font types across all pages. They should work to direct the reader to their place of interest (ask your online printer about custom tabbing to help this along too.) Using bigger text not only helps to keep the reader on the right track without skewing their attention, but it contributes to continuity and a flow. Funneling their interest from the top to the bottom of each page is the best way to get them to view the whole thing.

Bullets and Hyphens

These two pieces of word-helpers are sometimes not used enough when it comes to booklet printing. You might only have so much space to work with. Bullets and hyphens help break up the text into readable little snippets, not huge blocks of text. These are easier on the eyes and help people to internalize the information one piece at a time rather than making them scan the entire paragraph until they find the points that they could benefit from the most.

Use Clear Benefits

Anything worth writing is worth writing right. You want to convey a sense of accomplishment to your readers, that is, starting them on a basic idea and showing them what the follow-through will look like. Give them a timetable for when the desired results will be achieved. Tell them what they will need to make it happen. And give them a worthy reason to use your services.