How To Reinvent Your Business Card

Some companies tend to hold on to their business cards for too long and because of it, they lose their flare a little bit. Reinventing your business card printing is always a good idea in order to keep the public interest up and the sour faces down. You want to be able to stand out in a crowd of your competitors so it is always good to have a set of fresh, vividly printed cards to be proud to hand out to your customers. After all, they are what keep your business running so to impress them is to directly influence your conversion rate and the satisfaction of your demographics.

Switch Colors

Just because people have known you to incorporate the same two colors for 10 years does not mean you can’t successfully switch it up (and in fact in can work to your advantage!) Professional sports teams do this all the time when it comes to their lines of fashion to give people more options than the ones they have had access to for years. Experiment with light and dark colors, contrasting images and other things that will give people a clear picture of what you are trying to accomplish. Try not to be too dull with them as people like to be able to see the zip and pop of your business offerings.

Use Both Sides

You can never count on people to always pick up your business cards on the one side that focuses the most on aesthetic. You can simply add more content to the entire piece as a whole by using the backside for things such as contact information, further details about the business or even a slogan or appropriate joke when applicable. Be sure to leave enough room for when you wish to hand-scrawl notes on the back or an extra phone number or other contact detail. Your cards will get more effect that way.

Die-Cut Rounded Corners

Everybody has seen the traditional 90-degree cut business cards but how many have you seen that round their corners? It creates a certain vibe of comfort when in the hands of your constituents and can be a quick marker for job interviewers when they are sifting through the heaps of potential employees. Being different is what makes branding so powerful so let your printer know that you want this done and you will be ready for anything.

Use Pictures and Custom Graphics

If you know your way around software programs, it is easy to create your own designs using the free templates provided by your online printer. Use these or else hire a graphic design team directly from the offices of your printing company to help you conceive something truly memorable for your business use. Pictures can say a thousand words so be sure you choose the right one that accurately reflects the values that make up your company.