How to Raise Awareness About a Cause for a Non-profit

If you are part of a non-profit organization or industry, you know how tough it can be to generate funds and buzz around a certain cause or effort you are promoting. Chances are, if you can find the right way to reach them, people will be more susceptible to donating their time, mind and money toward what you are raising awareness about. Brochure printing is a powerful way to promote your cause and will definitely be worth your non-profit budget to invest in.

Non-Profit Branding with Brochure Printing

If you are looking to promote a specific cause, you may want to make sure that it is the subject of your printing. But without a credible source or viable reference, your promotional printing may fall flat. Even if your whole brochure is going to be devoted to your fundraising efforts, make sure you include information about your non-profit organization. From the history and mission to the basic contact information, in order to make your brochure printing complete, you need to include these pieces of information. If you have a logo, don’t forget to add it to the footer, back or at least one panel in the brochure

Pick the Perfect Size and Fold

There are so many different ways to fold a brochure, so make sure that whatever you pick works best for your information. From trifold to Z fold and even accordion fold, the one you choose affects the way your information is presented, so which one you choose should depend on how you organize and showcase your information.

Use Full Color Photos to Influence the Statistics

When it comes to raising awareness about an important cause, it can be easy to flood your brochure printing with paragraphs of text and other crucial information. But people don’t pick up brochures to read a book and they probable won’t have the time or patience to get through the information, even if they really care about the cause. So the best way to present hard-hitting facts and statistics is through lists and by breaking up the wordy body with full color photos and charts. Visuals will help the reader get into what your brochures are saying and will add to the appeal of the design and layout.