How To Make Your Business Cards Stand Out

Your business cards are the hallmark of who you are as a respected professional in your field. People look online these days for business card printing that can satisfy their creative desires, whether they have some preconceived ideas for it or not. Some rely on a graphic designer to create the designs that will help them be different from their competitors. Others put together their own files on programs such as Photoshop and Quark for a truly custom feel. But there are always ways to keep yours relevant in our ever-changing society.

Go With Full Color

This tactic is so popular these days for every type of marketing that it would be silly not to use it to its fullest. Make sure you choose colors that are in line with your own company’s branding image, especially if you plan on marketing with much more materials in the future. People need to see some consistency in order to identify with you right away. Pick bold and bright colors and pay attention to combinations and what works best with opposite colors (i.e. royal blue and orange.)

Incorporate Catchphrases

Perhaps it is a slogan that has worked well in the past, or maybe you are looking to invent a new and creative way to hook your recipients. People love seeing a nifty little tagline scrawled across your custom business cards (i.e. for a tow-truck company: If you are stuck in it, we only take a minute!) Plus, they have the power to punctuate an offer well, giving a reader a perfect chance to break up their flow with a timely jingle. Some customers have been known to make a purchase based on this type of creativity alone, often marveling at the message for minutes before happily handing over their credit card.

You Know What A Picture’s Worth…

With the right photograph firmly placed in an easy-to-see manner, you can sway people to act favorably. Some of the public appreciates knowing the face of who they are dealing with or a picture that will draw out something in the emotional recesses of their brains. Of course, it will be better to utilize the first point made above when adding an image so that it brings more of a sense of realism to your audience.

Use A Template/Avoid Designs

Most online printers have templates available for your creative purposes; however you should avoid using preconceived designs where all you have to do is fill in your details. If these are available to the public, just as they are to you, you run the risk of being just like your competitors. Differentiation is key to branding your company so be original with your business card printing and you should not run into any problems.