How to Make Your Business Cards More Modern

Almost every professional probably has some type of business card, but that doesn’t mean the design is very effective. If you haven’t updated your business cards in ages, now is the time to make them more modern. These days, you want these custom cards to draw attention to your best business features by being concise and creating an eye-catching design.

Say more by using the back and front

Front and back business card printing is a great way to say more with the same format. If you want to update your cards, put your contact information on the back and add a splash of advertising lingo or amplify your colorful logo on the front. This format lets you do more with the design and keeps your looks from being dated.

Switch up your card stock

Changing the paper stock of your business cards will not only alter the look, it can improve the feel too. You want people to love the feel in the palm of their hands as much as they love the look of your cards and the right paper can make all the difference. Recycled paper will really give off a modern eco-friendly look and is a great option if you want to let your customers know you are compassionate about the environment.

An eye-catching color scheme

Long past are the days where a simple black-and-white look with your basic contact information would suffice. To really make a statement in the modern day market, you need to find colors that will entice and amazing and go with it. Bold, bright colors really pair well with black font on a white card. Or, to really switch it up with a bold colored card stock. Either way, bland designs are out and eye-catching color is definitively a must.