How To Make High-End Business Cards

Some people’s companies and professional roles call for business cards to be made with high-end materials for that luxury feel every time. Depending on what type of industry you work in, business card printing made with all the extra bells and whistles can be just the solution you have been looking for to establish contacts. Your best bet is to start looking for an online printer capable of all your needs. They will be able to provide you premium paper stocks, inks and customization to make sure your prospects know what kind of caliber your company is.

Hire a Graphic Designer

If you want your business cards to be top-quality, you have to start with the basics. A solid design that is both original and radiating will get your customers to think like they are at a place that can take care of them. These professionals can help you flesh out your thoughts and turn them into something functional and eloquent. Most printers will have teams of designers for you to pick from. All you have to do is ask and they will be ready to take your project to new heights.

The Best Materials

You should look into a paper type that is no less than 14-point card stock when ordering high-end cards. This will provide the proper thickness for an overall comfortable feel. Your customers will instantly be able to tell that you have put some thought into your advertising tools. A high gloss UV coating or even a laminated coat work wonders for protecting your cards while bringing out the shine that makes you look well respected and popular amongst your competition. Don’t forget about plastic cards as these can give off a sense of innovation and a feng shui vibe to everyone who comes into contact with them.


You might want to try adding glossy letters or even an embossed façade to the front of your business card prints. Some printing companies have neon inks, metallic ones, glow in the dark style and other nifty options. Get away from the norm a little bit and walk on the wild side, just to let your customers know they are working with somebody that isn’t afraid to project their confidence. You also might want to incorporate elegant fonts, especially if you are in the wedding or bridal business or even a fine dining banquet hall proprietor.

It’s Just Common Scents

Some specialty suppliers can print business cards that smell like fresh linens, warm apple or pumpkin pies, fresh, luscious fruits or a calm spring meadow. The more you cater to a person’s sensations (i.e. smell, touch, seeing), the better off you will be when it comes time to convince them of your reputation. These can help add a different element to your job that might help you in the near and far future.