How To Get Cheap Flyer Printing Prices

Flyer printing prices have gone up at some local printers, but online there is a world of cheap options for you. You’ll still receive the same quality that is used at other commercial providers, only this time you’ll pay far less in flyer printing prices. There’s always a way to trim your costs when you step up to the final virtual cash register so here are a few things to be aware of when you’re looking to save some extra coin.

Flyer Printing Prices

You can always decrease the type of coating you apply. Flyers can be used outdoors, and with that notion comes a sense of needing to protect them from the elements. If you’re planning such a campaign, ask yourself if it would be possible to move them indoors so that you can stay with an uncoated stock, which would save on final costs. If it’s not possible, then stick with a nice aqueous coating (anything higher, such as a UV gloss or lamination will run your tally up.)

The size will also affect your flyer printing prices. Is it necessary to have your flyers the size of Rhode Island, or can you settle for a smaller handout size, one that will be ultimately easier to manage if you were a person interested in hanging on to your information? Try dropping into a universally recognized size such as 4×6 or 8.5×5.5 and you will see your price drop right along with it. Sometimes you can knock off $100 or more!

You’ll want to also make a decision on your 4-color printing for both front and back or simply just the front. Are you handing these custom flyers out to your customers? Or will they be posted with their backs to the wall? This will drastically affect your final flyer printing prices so be sure you know what you’re doing with them before you order. If you simply have too much information for one side of a flyer, you might want to think about alternate means of print marketing.

Flyer Printing Prices

The final step is to choose a turnaround time that won’t drain your bank account. The quicker you request your flyers to be sent, the more you will end up paying for the expedited service. That’s why it is wise to allow yourself enough time to accomplish your goals and get outfitted properly. With a shipment time that suits you in place, these are the things you can tweak just so to give you the upper hand when it comes to your budget.

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