How to Design Flyers Around Full Color Photos

Flyers are a powerful marketing tool for drawing in customers using visual appeal. If you design them effectively, your flyers can stop customers in their tracks. A great way to ensure your designs will be eye-catching is to feature full color photos in the layout. They will keep your customers enticed but should also tell them something about what you are promoting.

If you are creating custom flyer designs to promote an upcoming event, find a photo that features the artist, musician, cause, campaign or basis of what you are marketing for and go with it. More is less when it comes to featuring photos, especially on a standard flyer format, so pick one or two and make them count. The more images on the page, the more likely it will be for your customers to get distracted, so keep it simple.

Full color designs automatically garner more attention than black-and-white variations, but with the right photo, you can really leave a lasting impression on your customers. Photos feature real life and have a way of connecting with people who peruse them, especially if they are of people and action shots.

If you are really attached to one powerful or poignant photo, don’t worry about adding another. Just go with it. One visually stunning shot can trump excess images and unnecessary design accents to make a statement. As long you know that your vibrant photo best represents your printing purpose, designing your flyer around it will definitely be worth your while.