Graphic Design Tips for Flyers

It is easy for anyone to throw a flyer together using a simple computer program and clip art. But if you want your business or event to really shine, there are a few things to consider to create the best aesthetics for your visual marketing campaign. To make your printing costs worth their while, you want your flyer printing to be effective. Here’s how:

Be consistent with your design: Pick one or two fonts to use and go with it. Make sure these fonts are consistent throughout the flyer and use colors and styles that coincide. If you are planning to use a certain color or format for the body, then switch it up with the headlines, but make sure they are all cohesive. 30 different colors and 12 various fonts will be way too distracting and confuse your potential clients and customers.

Use high resolution images: Rather than using low quality clip art or cheesy stock photos, find relevant, interesting high resolution images to use. This will help to maximize the quality of your finished printing products and will draw people to your flyers wherever they are hanging.

Find the perfect tagline: If you are creating these flyers for a specific purpose, find a catchy tagline to use that will best represent your current promotion. You want the font to be big enough to be able to read from afar and the words to be catchy and clever. Make it short and impactful and avoid using your business name in the slogan; you will include your contact information somewhere else on the flyer anyway.

Group related items together: If you are mentioning a few events or products, make sure the photos and images coincide with the correct wordage. You want people to make sense of your designs so make sure that they are organized appropriately and best represent the information at hand.

Come up with a few variations: Once you have placed everything where you think you like it and chose the right color scheme to convey your message, make a few alterations to use as samples and let your employees help you decide what to use. Once you have a few examples laid out, you will get a sense for what you like better and what best catches the eye.