Going The Distance With Glossy Business Cards

Glossy business cards are becoming more of an industry standard across many business landscapes. When a company decides to print business cards for their newest employees or as part of a rebuffing effort to give their image some more clout, they often find that it is an inexpensive trait that can make all the difference in the way that they are received. There are a few different types of gloss that you can add to your cards that will enhance their image and feel for a diversified audience. They will make you look more professional, even when you sell them on something quite easily.


For the most part, you will see about three different kinds of coatings. There is an aqueous coating that provides a basic sheen and decent protection, a very popular option among so many companies for everything from brochures to business card printing and flyers. A step above that one would be the high gloss UV layer that reflects a lot more light and protects the piece for a longer lasting durability. The top dog in toughness is likely going to be lamination which institutes a literal plasticized coating that essentially sandwiches your cards between a taut, shiny application.

Low Costs

For just a few pennies more per card, you can apply one of these fabulous coatings, which will prop your credentials up for a dazzling showcase in front of all who receive them. It is always a good idea to try to communicate your company’s values (as well as your personal ones) that help reflect the style of your business cards. In this case, people will never know you paid under $15 bucks for the whole lot of them!

You Mean Business

Whatever glossiness you choose, it is safe to say that you exude a more professional representation of yourself and your business when you go with it. Uncoated stock bends and defrays easier, lowering the life of your business cards. That is why it is imperative to protect them at all costs in order to preserve the status that you have built up for yourself in your community and surrounding areas.

They Will Be Seen!

Think about the recipients of your business cards for a second: will they have collected a lot more than just yours at a convention, trade show or other massive business gathering? This is all the more reason to apply a gloss. They have the power to catch people’s eyes a lot easier than if it was compared to an uncoated or otherwise unflashy card.


As touched on before, whatever you choose, it will provide a splendid durability to your cards. You want yours to last as long as they possibly can, so it is always worth it to add the necessary gloss. Keep this in mind when ordering your next online project.