Food Delivery Business Cards

Even though your staff isn’t usually shaking hands and exchanging contact information with your customers, it is important to make sure they have a convenient way to connect with you. Business cards are the perfect venue for relaying your contact information to the people who want to order your food.

If you want to really make an impact with your contact cards, you should make sure to include some type of incentive or promotion. A free food item or drink with purchase, percent-off sale or another promo code will take your designs to another level. People love saving big on delivery services so if you want more people to order your delicious food again and again, give them a reason to come in.

Full color business cards are a great way to garner attention. For best results, add a few food photos to your bite-sized contact cards to really make them stand out. You want people to crave your food, even after they have eaten it, so your designs should be effective enough to generate that response. If you don’t know exactly what to feature, your bestseller or signature item is a smart option.

Making your business cards magnetic is a really clever choice for food services looking to add convenience for the customer. Standard business cards can be hard to keep track of and may get lost in a pile of mail or coupons. But if the back of your custom card is magnetic, people will be more incline to put them on their fridges, the go-to for hungry people.