Flyer Printing Checklist

Flyer printing is one of the most popular promotional tactics out there. While there are still many different ways to go about this custom marketing techniques, there are few design tips that every business should consider. Here is a checklist of things you must include and do before you are ready to send your flyers to the printer:

1. Full color designs:

Before you even think about skimping on the budget to just print black-and-white, consider how much attention eye-catching color schemes garner. Believe me, if you want the most business possible from your flyer printing, full color creations are a must. Black-and-white on colored paper can work, but 4-color quality will give you so much more to work with.

2. A punch tagline:

If you are trying to promote a new product or raise awareness about a certain cause or fundraiser, come up with a specific slogan that will add to your business branding while at the same time, giving customers a clear picture of what you want their attention for.

3. Don’t forget your contact information:

Once you have the flashy design and the enticing tagline, you still need to find a place for contact information. If you want to play it more elusive, you don’t need to provide the full “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and “why,” but you really should include a few of the above. Your phone number, website url and e-mail are all great convenient contacts for customers interested in your promotions.

4. Find the perfect imagery to accentuate the designs:

Full color photos, creative graphics and other images are all really powerful additions to your flyer printing designs and will really put an extra punch in your promotions. No mater what products and services you are putting the attention on, there has to be some interesting photos for you to use. Take advantage of these eye-catchers, but don’t use too many on one design.

5. Figure out the quantity and quality:

Based on how many flyers you want to print and where you want them to go, you need to decide what kind of paper to use. Glossy paper provides a great polished look, but may be too expensive if you are printing so many and planning to put them up all over. Balance your quality with quantity and you will find a perfect place in the in-between!