Even More Places To Leave Your Business Cards

You can leave your business cards just about anywhere these days, but can you still be effective when you do so? That is the real question behind the curtain as more and more people opt to print business cards online in order to establish their true commercial identities. Most people know by now the kinds of casual interactions that call for an exchange (and even the common courtesy that goes with the package.) But location is always another key point. Find your niche and spread it in these places today.

Receptionist Desks

Think about how many times you interact with a receptionist every week. Maybe you visit the chiropractor or doctor regularly, pay some of your bills in person or look to set up new services such as cable and internet in your home. These all start with being in contact with a receptionist. Speak to them from one business to another by dropping off your business card the next time you check in for a visit. It can help to get in good with the owners as you know full well that they will have the funding to fund your operations should the need for it arise. Certain services like painting can be easier to sell simply by walking into a place and taking a look around.

Gym Locker Rooms

Are you currently making regular trips to the gym to stay fit? Locker rooms are becoming more like miniature lounges nowadays, complete with couches, TVs, chairs and side tables filled with magazines. Leave a few custom business cards on the edge of the table or right in front of the tube. Drop some into the vents on the lockers themselves or simply hand them over to the acquaintance you meet while playing pickup basketball out on the floor. There is plenty of networking to be had if you are willing to open your mouth to strike up a conversation.

Parents At Daycare

If you run a great daycare service, why not let the parents of the little ones know that you are always seeking more clients to work with. Parents are an entire demographic themselves which means they are likely to tell their friends if you give them a little nudge in the right direction. You have to be genuine when you tell them you can take on more children and infants (and have the resources to back it up.)

Restaurant Tabs

Who says the only thing you have to leave behind at a restaurant is a bunch of singles to tip the waitress? Sometimes two outgoing personalities can meet in this type of setting, which sets you up for a perfect interaction involving your business card. Slip one into the bill along with your payment. You just never know when such an easy act will warrant you some big business.