Effective Styles Of Business Cards

Business cards are printed using the highest in quality materials and technology to produce virtually any kind of style you want. Customization has come a long way in securing an effective appearance for your business cards. You can make them out to say what you want with plenty of opportunity for pictures, colors, embossing and special paper types just to name a few. So how do people get the best responses out of their cards? It takes some personality, sound salesmanship and an easily communicative set of credentials to accomplish your goals.

Your basic business card is one that is traditionally laid out in landscape format, that is, left to right lying “hot-dog style.” The early days of printing didn’t call for much on the creative side of things, but the truth is more and more companies nowadays are looking to put themselves on the map with fuller color schemes, different paper stocks, digital interaction (such as QR codes and websites) as well as bold photos and rounded edging. A simple card can convey a sense of professional status and will communicate well with the customer that wishes for nothing more than a straight-talking partner to do business with.

Picture business cards are another way of reaching out on a more personal scale. Realtors rely on these types of cards to form a more instant bond. People often like to know who they are dealing with, even if they get a glimpse of a photo of their representative. But this is not uncommon in the small business sector either, especially when you are selling in-home services or simply want to make your public aware of your personal presence in town. When a customer can associate a friendly picture with a friendly person, they are more apt to engage in regular commerce with that person over another random business owner any day.

Sometimes professionals opt for folded cards, in which case your piece can be propped up on a desk making it easily visible to customers who stop in for a chat or pass by in need of information. This becomes an instant eye-catcher because traditionally people are expecting a simple flat piece of paper. When you get a little more creative than the last time around, people will take notice and even believe that you have something a little different to offer them than the average Joe down the street.

Of course, it won’t hurt to go with plastic cards that are partially see-through or even a business card that has a vertical orientation, just to throw people off a little more. This all works toward standing out in the crowd as you want to differentiate yourself from your competition as much as possible. Think outside the norm and you will find your efforts won’t go wasted.