Double-Checking Your Cheap Business Cards

Cheap business cards might seem like a simple opportunity to tout your own marketable forces, but in fact some people get lazy and actually mess up the whole thing before they get a chance to hand one out. When you’re creating your own cheap business cards with the help of your online printer, you should always double-check that they look perfect (even have a friend of yours triple-check just to be sure.) It can be extremely beneficial for spotting errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling and more important details like accuracy of location, websites and direct phone lines.

The first things to make sure of are the technical choices you have selected. Ensuring that you have entered the proper paper stock, ink type, glossy coating and any other customizable techniques such as die-cutting, embossing, plasticizing and folding is imperative to obtaining what you want. Make sure that your text, images and other content are not crowding each other and that they all fit comfortably on the business card. You want your recipients to not be struggling when they scan it from top to bottom.

Because you are looking to save as much money as possible by going with cheap business cards, make sure you comb over the final bill (as well as during the process) so that you fully understand the financial obligations assumed by you. Some printers will try to sneak in extra charges along the way for everything ranging from design services to uploading files and transferring electronic proofs. Understanding your project costs is also crucial to a good business cards order.

Are they using the right font style and size? How about colors? Some companies rely heavily on their brand, which includes color matching down to the T. For example, you never see a variation in the reds and yellows used at McDonald’s – they are very specific about getting the colors to match up just so in order to keep their brand alive and thriving. Imagine if you saw magenta and neon yellow on those arches – how different would that be?

Online printers can make all of these things happen for you cheaply while maintaining the highest degree of quality that you can get. Cheap business cards won’t cost you much, as the name implies, so it’s best to get every penny’s worth out of them each time you order fresh ones for your office and personal use.