Different Uses For Business Cards

Everybody knows the main point of using business cards – to help establish relationships through solid business contacts. But did you know that you can use a business card for several other purposes, not just to show people who you are and what you do for a living? Once you get outside the box and start exploring some of the alternatives, you will find that there is much to be celebrated about this little 2×3.5” card stock. Because of their portability, you can hand them out just about anywhere too, making it easier than ever to get your brand and good name out to the public.


This can be a wonderful tactic for generating responses to your business cards. If you throw out a short survey, perhaps 3-4 questions regarding your business (i.e. chiropractor = Do you ever experience low back pain?), with a small incentive for the person if they return it, you could see your response rate rise immensely. Place them strategically around your city in areas that people are likely to pick them up such as waiting rooms and clerk counters. Without a reason to return them however, you risk not getting very many leads at all.


A mini calendar printed neatly on the back of your printed business card is another way to gain more utility out of it. Some people often refer to their smart phones for calendar-based scheduling but when you put a different twist on yours, say, with a local high school football schedule, you provide something for them that a smart phone can’t automatically do. This is especially popular in small towns where sports are a key ingredient for Friday night entertainment.

Tickets For A Show

If you opt for a folded business card or even a perforation, you can incorporate a ticket to a local show, sporting event or the like. They will know instantly that it came from you and your offices since your credentials will also be listed. This can help a client or future customer remember who is on your side. Of course, this should only be used when the person is on the cusp of doing business with you or is already a regular client. There is nothing like trying to sway an opinion with a little added bonus of a night out on the town.

Appointment Cards

Business cards can easily be turned into this dual-action tool, especially at places where daily commerce is taken care of by way of appointment only. Dental offices, law firms, chiropractic clinics, hair stylists – the list goes on forever. Give your customers something to hang on to today while reminding them that your services are always available.