Designing with Eye-catching Color Schemes

Creating the perfect designs demands a great color scheme. When it comes to your marketing material, from full color flyers to custom catalogs, vibrant colors as the key to an effective print campaign. But just splashing colors on a page just isn’t enough to make your mark. To use eye-catching colors with enough oomph to make an impact, you need to do it strategically.

Pick a few bold colors, but don’t incorporate too many. You want to add a dose of vibrancy, but at the same time, you don’t want to overwhelm your customers with a distracting dose of color. Simple designs are much more effective than crazy colors thrown about without a purpose. For the best full color printing possible, play with the lights and darks of a few primary colors that coincide with your printing purpose to diversify your look.

Black and white can really balance out your visually appealing hues, so don’t underestimate those basics as you start to map out your designs. White space can add a lot to the look of the layout and can help to amplify the colors that are present on the page. So if you are thinking about your background choices, don’t rule out leaving some of the design blank to give a clean look. For best results as far as reading goes, you will probably want to keep the text black, or at least very contrasting from what surrounds it to make sure people can see the words clearly.

If you are still undecided about what colors to choose, go back to grade school with a color wheel and pair certain shades together to see what looks right. Certain colors are classic to particular services and industries and bring out specific emotions in people, so make sure yours reflect the material you are trying to market.