Designing Business Cards for Freelance Writers

If you are a freelancer looking to gain contracts and clients for your writing work, business cards are a networking necessity. You don’t have to make your designs flashy to get ahead in the industry, but they should be eye-catching little contact cards that best represent your skills and services.

If you are looking to print business cards that will set you apart from the freelancing competition, create a catch tagline that best represents you. If you prefer journalism writing to copyediting, then make sure you list that. If you excel more so in the grant writing sector than in writing reviews, list these attributes somewhere on your card. Your potential clients should be able to pick up your card and automatically know what your specialties are and how to contact you.

If you don’t have a logo or business name, you can use your personal name and find an interesting photo or graphic to use as a visual statement. Avoid putting your headshot on the card if at all possible, and opt instead for a photo or graphic that showcases your talents and industry. Typewriters, computers, pens, paper, ink, letters and other writing attributes are great to interject into the design of your business cards, but make sure they aren’t juvenile or cheesy.

The more original content and imagery, the better your custom cards will be. Find a font that coincides with your theme and keep your cards cohesive using elements that work well together. From the color scheme to the design accents and paper choice, everything should work in your favor to present you as a talent freelance writer.