Designing A Tri-Fold Travel Brochure – Part 2

Your tri-fold brochures should exude confidence, warmth, beauty and above all, utility when it comes to your travel agency and its marketing platform. You need to be inviting enough to where they will open your brochures and scope out the contents that highlight a specific destination of the world. How will you design it? What needs to be in place in order for it to work out well for your company and your customers? An online printer will be an invaluable tool in getting it completed the right way in a timely fashion so that you can rest easier and wait for as little as one day for them to arrive.

Recreation and Activities

Some destinations have large festivals to promote tourism while others simply have old ruins and other fantastic sights to see. Your custom brochures should provide details on the local attractions along with a generalized list of popular things to do around the immediate area of where you are staying. Travelers will want to know about local landmarks, hot spots, nightclubs, restaurants, famous places and more. The best part is you can show it to them in stunning clarity with 4-color printing technology available at your online printer today.


Different destinations might call for a slight change in clothing due to climate shifts. You should make your customers aware of everything to expect, whether they plan on going deep into the mountains to ski or snowboard or stay on the ground and hit the area beaches for a nice sun tan. Stay tuned to what their activity plans are as well. Some people might be flying elsewhere to go on a trek, a bicycle tour or a cliff jumping expedition. Let them know exactly what type of attire they should bring and your brochures will have an added sense of completeness.


What does the area supply for a transit system? How affordable is it to get from one place to another? How many options do you have? These are all imperative for the traveler to know about because he or she will certainly need to get around somehow. Maybe there is a hotel shuttle that transports you to various parts of the city or maybe the only way to get to where you want to go is by rail or even gondola. There are a lot of ways to get places so be sure you add that information to your custom brochures.


Everybody needs a place to stay when they visit another country, state or city which means your prints should outline every option from budget motels to 5-star hotels and hostels. Presenting a range of options for people to pick from is a wise move. It can help accommodate people from all backgrounds and needs and makes your company look better because of it.