Designing A Tri-Fold Travel Brochure – Part 1

When you need to design a travel brochure for your agency to use as a marketing tool, you can look to the online world for free templates and other guidance. You can easily have them create your own brochure printing and pay very little. A little research and some simple ideas can have you on the path to a great future when it comes to your loyal passengers. You will have everything outlined in beautiful 4-color printing that will allow them to be transported to another place, even if it is only for a few moments.


This is the driving force behind brochure printing for travel agencies because it gives people the opportunity to see firsthand what it looks like to visit a top destination. Landscapes and physical geography of certain places is enough to take their breath away so choose images that that reveal something that is not normally seen by the average person. Mountains, forests, state parks, waterfalls, ski slopes, hot sandy beaches and water recreation are prime examples of how you can show them what it is truly like to live in style for a week or two in a far off place.


What does the population tell a traveler about the area? Will your custom brochure give the scoop on the local languages used, the political landscape and the cultural leanings that make the place great? How about their currency? All of these should be addressed inside your custom prints so that people can better prepare for their journeys both mentally and physically. Some lands are completely different than what a person is used to which means any type of information you can stuff inside the brochure without being too overpowering is going to be beneficial.

Historical Origins

It can be a good idea to include a short story about how the area came about. History can be a very attractive factor in convincing a person to take the leap and visit the destination. Almost any tourist or business trip will bring with it a rich heritage full of famous figures that did famous things. Sometimes natural phenomena occurred there or it could even have been home to an infamous deed. Whatever the case, people from all around are naturally attracted to these types of things and can be a perfect addition to your printed brochure.

Local Fare

Everyone needs to eat, right? Try incorporating a few full color photos of the main dishes served there. Everybody has their own delicious fare to serve to tourists and visitors alike. It can be a mind-opening experience for anybody to try new things so make it known that squid, buffalo meat and caviar and others are all parts of the standard tradition.