Design Secrets for your Business Cards

When it comes to networking in any industry, great business cards are a must for every professional. You may think you have eye-catching designs, but an improvements you can make will definitely help you get noticed in the professional world. Here are a few design secrets to live by. Make sure your business cards incorporate these tips and you will be one step closer to creating the perfect card customized for you.

Keep it Cohesive

Repeating certain design elements, influences and fonts are the key to coming up with a design that really works. If you are using front and back printing, this is especially important because each side should still look like it belongs on the same card. For best results, use two fonts and figure out a great color scheme to repeat that is relevant to your branding.

Perfect the Alignment

The quickest way to knock down your professional impression on a business card is by not paying attention to all the details, including the alignment. Text, photos, design accents and so forth should all be properly aligned. This will help you create a professional, organized look that isn’t chaotic or messy.

Eye-catching Color Scheme

Finding colors that coincide with your professional personality is so important for your business cards to really best represent you. It may take some time and color comparing to really find the right fit, but once you do it will improve the look of your cards drastically. Colors are pretty, but they also draw out certain emotions and trigger different ideas in people, so you want to choose them wisely.