Creating the Right Content for your Newsletters

Almost every business in any industry has a need for newsletters. They connect customers and club members or just disperse interesting and relevant information to employees. Either way, newsletter printing is important and can be the key to connecting and maintaining relationships with your customers. It is important to take careful consideration when selecting the content for your newsletters. Here are the basic elements you should include in five easy-to-read parts.

1. Nameplate: This is the section on the front page that contains the name of your newsletter, the issue and your company logo and tagline. You want to create this to be large and attention grabbing, with color and bold fonts that should act as the title/header of your front page and reinforce your business branding efforts.

2. Running head: This is the strip located at the top of every other page in the newsletter you create. Think of it like a header in a book that reminds you what book you are reading. This one should include the name, issue and also helpful page numbers for your perusing customers.

3. Call Box: This is where the contact information of the publisher and staff should appear. Although it shouldn’t go on the cover or the last page, this information can find a relevant location on the second or most commonly, the forth page of your newsletters.

4. Table of Contents: For the most part, this may just be the place that customers look first. For this reason, it should be concise and accurate, while being interesting enough to entice people to care about the information. Listing the contents will keep a hesitant reader from closing it completely, because you are summarizing the content for them.

5. Body: This is the rest of your newsletter. From articles to headlines, tips and tricks and feature photos, all of this should fill the rest of your newsletter. Without this content, your printing purpose would be obsolete so take your time to put together the perfect amount of information and organize it for easy, interesting reading.