Contemporary Must-Haves For Business Cards

Business cards can help you achieve promising leads in the most unexpected times. But like all print marketing, business card printing undergoes changes over the years to accommodate changing consumer trends like personal needs and wants. For some, it is a way to show how serious you are about your company. Others use it as a simple networking tool to build up prospects for possible future events. The key is that most people don’t use them enough and furthermore, don’t always grasp what should be done to make theirs shine better than their competition.

Gloss Your Colors

Every business card that incorporates colorful backdrops, whether it is a picture, text, design or company logo, should have some type of glossy coating to protect it and inject some brightness into it. When you order online today, you should have access to a few different kinds: aqueous, high-gloss UV and lamination. Each has its own level of protection and shine, with lamination being the ultimate choice. Some people simply opt for glossy lettering, sometimes against the background of a matte finish or some other softer-looking stock.

Use High-Definition Shots

Your photos and other imagery should always be taken at high resolutions. Most printers can’t print business cards without the proper amount of digital imaging (i.e. the recommended resolution is at least 300 DPI.) This will help make the piece look more realistic and professional, not sloppy and underdeveloped. Digital and SLR cameras work phenomenally in this situation.

Don’t Forget Your Branding Tactics

Branding means everything to a particular company. This means having the right content in place on every single business card. You can design your own from home with free templates available on the web, which means you can place your logo, slogan or tagline, along with any customized designs all at your own pace. If you only included your personalized information, you card would simply be just a card with no other identifiable cues as to where you work or what you offer.

Know When It Is Time To Change

Perhaps your sales have slowed in recent months or you are just not getting the types of leads and contacts that you used to. Some of this could be blamed on today’s poor economy, but there are always people out there seeking your services. The more you tell yourself that, the better off your business cards orders will be. Look for a total revamp when business is slogging a bit. It might be wise to attack the doldrums on all different fronts (i.e. flyers, postcards, brochures, catalogs.) Some people can go for years without switching their image while some must transform to meet the demands of their ever-changing target audience and its landscape of tastes.