Consider These When Printing Business Cards

Business cards are the go-to piece of print marketing for business professionals across multiple industries. Without a few on you at any given time, your potential customers won’t have a nice business card to refer to when they need your services the most. Online printing companies nowadays do everything in their power to ensure that you look as good on a small piece of paper as you do in real life. This includes selecting a full color photo, relevant font and company colors for starters. Take a gander at this list for more tips on how to keep your cards effective.

Make Every Effort To Stand Out

When you hand out your business cards to people at a meeting, conference or during a simple conversation, chances are they will already have a few others in their possession. If you attend trade shows and conventions frequently, the actual number could be far bigger. If that person brings home a clump of them at the end of the day, will he or she be able to pick yours out of the crowd? Try something stark such as a plastic card or one with a few bright or bold colors strategically placed in order for it to practically yell from within.

Tap Into Sensations

Your company’s business cards should radiate a certain feel that is not only professional but comfortable at the same time. Some people choose to go with a matte finish while others opt for a smooth translucence. Still others like to emboss their lettering for a certain depth while some go for rounded edges. All of these can help communicate a semi-conscious message that your company is worth the effort.

Tap Into Their Emotions

The right color combination can evoke a certain emotional response out of your recipients. It all depends on what type of business you are in, but this can work to your advantage. Pizza places often go for deep reds, oranges and blacks that are proven to hit a hunger note when it comes to spicy and delicious Italian food. Restaurants that serve fresh entrees while promoting freshness in their veggies, fruits and healthy choices often opt for greens, blues and cooler colors that help people feel fresher when eating their menu items.

Be Clear

Your business card printing should be accessible to a wide range of people. This means planning for the elderly who may not have the kind of eyesight they once had, or marketing to non-technical people that might not otherwise understand the type of language you wish to use. Make it easy to read and internalize for an awesome response with each card you pass out.