Color Concepts for Effective Flyers

Full color flyers are a great way to gain attention for your products and services in the community. If you want to draw attention to a certain sector of your promotional campaign, flyer printing can provide just the avenue you need. You can plaster these colorful creations in a variety of places, based on where you target audience will see them the most. But if you really want to create flyers that will turn heads, you want to be clever with your use of color.


Color can enable you to turn something ordinary into an effective money-making marketer, but it has to be done with purpose and precision. For full color flyers that won’t hamper your business branding, integrate a few colors from your logo into the designs. Or if you decide against that, make sure whatever colors you choose won’t clash with the signature hues that identity your company.


Another great way to incorporate color is by pairing a bold, bright tone with a basic black-and-white hue to balance out your flyers. Black looks much more brilliant paired with a vibrant pink or electric green. Likewise, primary colors, like brick red and basic blue compliment a stabilizing gray shade. No matter what specific colors you end up choosing, make sure that they work well together and aren’t going to fight for attention. Too many colors clashing at once will just serve as a distraction for your customers and will kill the effectiveness of your flyers.