Club Flyers For Genre Bands

Club flyers are one of the easiest ways to get noticed by your fans, potential labels and other industry executives. Because every nightly lineup is a little different than the night before, your cheap club flyers should reflect a new design that catches the eye and puts a little flash into your reputation with every show you host, whether you’re headlining or supporting. It’s no surprise that most bands at least apply a glossy coating while keeping their flyers small and easy to hold on to, whether in your back pocket or a purse. But when it comes to design qualities, it all depends on the type of show you’re trying to put on (as well as what genre of music you fall into.)


For the metal-heads out there, there is generally an effective pattern to follow when creating your own custom club flyers online. Black is a very distinctive color for this type of music, as well as orange and red overtones. The fonts that get people to identify with the group almost immediately are often very jagged, assuming elongated letter shapes that are bold and in-your-face. Of course, it’s always a good idea to add the obligatory devil horns and any other associated pieces of rock ‘n’ roll to the mix, just for good measure.


If it is synthesizers, turntables, moog and other mash machines you dig, try printed club flyers that tap into people’s ecstasy (not necessarily the recreational drug.) Silvery and metallic inks are great for these as well as purples, blues, pinks, greens and other sprinkles of a futuristic sort of layout. Oftentimes DJs like to add pictures of their table setups, headphones, anime figures and huge bass subwoofers to exude how amplified the atmosphere will be.


Country musicians are generally minimalist in their design aesthetics; much like their music purports to be. Often there are themes of summer hangouts, beach bumming, trucks, man’s best friend and of course, women! To print club flyers without some of these elements (depending on the artists and subject material) is to lay waste to some of the things country was founded on. Make sure your fans have something pleasing to get excited about.


Club flyers are a rapper’s best friend, especially with the frequency of such nights as open microphone events, battle rap leagues, and mass collectives of artists supporting each other on one bill. Hip-hop is like a family. Advertising with these handy handouts will only help that assembly grow.