Cheap Flyers For Street Handouts

Cheap flyers work well when given out as handouts on the street, whether you’re fighting for a cause or simply trying to make people more aware of what is going on. Many business owners, political freedom fighters and other individuals who take some duty upon themselves seek out cheap flyers online when they need quality material to disseminate quickly. Some people think that in today’s world the only way to reach people is through digital communications but that is simply not true. You can really get through to people with ways that are deemed “old school,” especially with custom flyers.


Some protests start out being organized on the web, but others are out there on the “front lines” at state capitols, city halls and other places where policy is being voted upon and enacted behind closed doors. As democracy states, everybody has the right to peaceably assemble, even when their message is not exactly one of peace. Protestors constantly make their positions clear with the use of cheap flyers that are handed out to anybody who passes by.

Political Activism

This draws similar parallels to protesting, but can actually be on the side of a particular candidate, not against any type of policy. However you use them, cheap flyers can have a profound effect if they incorporate the right imagery and emotion-evoking colors, just for starters. They should be easily readable while communicating idealistic beliefs and viewpoints. Without the proper marketing materials, your efforts might go largely unnoticed unless you are primarily spreading the word via electronic means.

Theater Companies

Local theater and stage plays often take to the streets in search of unique new ways to get the public to drop in for a performance. Sometimes this can involve giving out cheap flyers while singing a number from the show or acting out a small improvisational skit for the enjoyment of onlookers. The trick is to be as creative as possible when using this method because oftentimes it is simply not enough to just let the public know.

Local Music

Nothing beats the creativity of a musician or band, especially when they are pushing for a big crowd at their gigs. Distributing cheap flyers on the day of the show is a great way to catch people off-guard. When it comes directly from a band member, it means a little more than if you hired some kids to peddle your offering for you, so keep this in mind when you’re going about it.