Cheap Door Hanger Bags

Cheap door hanger bags can help people who conduct door to door marketing with a twist on an already proven method. When you have certain contents such as a newspaper, print marketing collateral or other timely reminders and notifications regarding services rendered, cheap door hanger bags are the handiest tool. Not only will they protect the contents inside from any weather-related situations, but they will denote a level of importance to your effort that beckons your customers to keep hold of what’s inside.

  • Your door hangers are already a different way of thinking outside the box, so why not add another element to them that will come across as something of higher status? You can stuff them full of almost anything you can imagine that will help get more attention for your business: flyers, brochures, catalogs, newsletters and more. If your company has recently obtained some branded accessories such as mini Frisbees, pens, stress relievers and other little doodads, throw them in with the rest of your package.
  • The bags themselves will help keep everything upright (and oftentimes stowed properly away from rain.) Announce the arrival of spring and any subsequent seasonal items. Leave behind homemade crafts as part of a local campaign put on by the Knitters of America or some other relevant organization. Whenever you need something fresh to market with, try out this cheap alternative rather than look to more traditional forms. You can generally pick your own color and hole size to accommodate the proper door knobs, not to mention the length of the bag to be able to fit whatever it is you are looking to place inside of it.
  • It can be a matter of continuity too. As a spectator traveling down your street, they can see that these doors have a plethora of cheap door hanger bags dangling from front door handles. This can be a prime marketing tool as the number one goal of most businesses is to get you to remember their tactics, whether it is a television commercial or radio campaign, postcard mailers or this effective tool.

You never know who will find your piece as innovative as you do. This is the type of marketing that gets people excited and talking to their friends and neighbors. That’s why it is critical that you deliver to them a message that doesn’t look or sound like an average scheme that they have seen more than a dozen times in their mailboxes.