How To Save A Few Extra Bucks Every Time

Cheap brochures are often highly sought after in today’s economy, just because as a business owner you don’t have much room for shelling out extra money all the time. But did you know you can still get the same type of printing quality out of cheap brochures online that you could even if you went to a local provider? Why spend more when technology has allowed for top quality no matter what you pay nowadays? Here are a few pointers on how to keep your costs low so you can be attentive toward more pressing matters on the business side of things.

As far as cheap brochures design goes, you can always save some pennies by crafting your own layout. How do you do this? It is simple with free online templates that are available to download at most printing companies on the internet. Of course, you will want to have all of your ideas thought up beforehand as well as any pictures and designs you have already obtained or created. These are what you will build your order with when you wish to lay it all out yourself.

When it comes to selecting your custom options, cheap brochures can be even cheaper if you know your paper stocks, glosses and sizes. A reduction in any one of these can greatly affect your final payment. For example, a 100# gloss cover stock has a thicker and crisper feel to it than a 70# uncoated text stock and thus, it will cost more than the latter no matter where you shop. You might have had some preconceived notions before you ventured into ordering this type of print marketing, but you might want to abandon a couple of them if you want your bill to be a lot lower than normal.

Your turnaround time will also affect the price (that is, the time it takes for your project to be completed at the facility.) This does not usually include shipping time (which is a whole different price point in itself.) Cheap brochures, even on the far end of it, can be printed and shipped generally within about 6 business days, no matter how many you order. The best part about all this potentially confusing information is that many online printers will provide instant pricing calculators for you to be able to see exactly what your cheap brochures will cost before you take the leap.