Catchy Color Scheme: The Key to Effective Printing

Whether you are printing flyers, business cards, brochures or any other promotional product to advance your business, effective use of color is the single most important part of the design process. If you want your designs to stand out against the competition, you need to come up with a color scheme that is readable but also vibrant.

Choose a few bright shades that coincide with the type of target audience you are trying to appeal to and pair them with subtle colors to create contrast. While it can be overwhelming at first to select the perfect hues for your printing, narrowing down your options is a great way to start. Pick shades that represent your business branding, while also giving people an idea about what you are promoting.

If you are putting up flyers about your gardening business, you will probably want to use pastels and some type of green to signify flowers and growth. But if you are creating a booklet about auto care, bold primary colors can be paired with black-and-white basics to create a look that will appeal to the automotive industry. There are many other examples of this so take into consideration what you want to market and what you believe will draw in customers.

The right colors do much more than just create an eye-catching design, the evoke emotions and ideas. If you want to send the right message before people have even read the words on your printing, say more with the vibrant shades you choose and remember to keep it consistent.

Want an extra tip? It is always smart to produce a few versions of the layout before you actually commit to a design. Draw up a few options and vary the use of color scheme and styling and then pick what looks best.