Catalog Printing and Preparation

Most catalog printing is done with the help of a professional printer, mainly because of the magnitude and nature of this incredibly effective marketing tactic. A high-definition printed catalog is still used constantly in today’s retail industry, providing multiple pages of vibrant images and product information that is crucial for a customer’s understanding. You will need to have a firm understanding of the process yourself if you are to successfully complete a campaign using one of retail’s most enduring forms of communication. Here are a few tips for getting the ball rolling on your next big project.


This could include everything from layout and custom graphics to the type of gloss you choose on the front cover. When designing your catalogs, you need to have your target audience at the forefront of your mind. Who is going to be reading these? Will it be mothers of four or some teenage metal heads? Ski slope enthusiasts or mountain bikers? Perhaps you are trying to reach out across multiple channels, in which case your design must be universally appealing. As long as you are giving your customers the option to learn everything they can before purchasing, the easier it will be to sell them on their favorite things.


Because many people look to print catalogs for a niche audience, you will want to be a wealthy source of information for all of your readers. People use catalogs as primary reference guides for all of their needs, not simply just to buy a new compound bow or the newest dirt bike. That is why there should be a few different articles involved that can help a customer understand more about the things associated with their purchases. For example, if it is a new rod and reel you are selling, invite a local fishing columnist or other professional writer to compose a story on the latest trout season. Avid fishermen would take notice and look for your catalog in the future, knowing that it is not just for selling products.

Finish The Job

Printing catalogs involves a number of pinpointed decisions when it comes to finishing, mostly because it is a multi-faceted project that can be of huge important for businesses looking to make a statement during the busy seasons. Bindery services can influence how much you pay as well as how likely a customer will pick it up. Branding will do most of the work for you, which helps when people know and trust your services and offerings. But a good saddle-stitching (a primary example of common stapling methods) can be just the thing that helps a person transport it and use it for reference in the future.