Business Cards For The Home-Based Professional

Business cards are not just for people with an office these days. In fact, since the economy has been a little uncertain, more and more people based out of their homes have printed business cards that detail every single one of their skills, even if it has nothing to do with any particular industry at all. People have been forced to think outside the box when it comes to their personal incomes to make ends meet. The good news is there is practically a market for everything these days, making it easier to tout some or all of your services to your neighbors, club members and other community individuals.

Mommy Cards

These are becoming increasingly popular for moms everywhere (and especially more so if you are running a daycare or related operation out of your home during the week.) If you already have a network of friends or relatives with small children, it is a good idea to keep tabs on one another with a card displaying your contact information, emergency contacts and local address so that all of the moms on the block are aware of the opportunities around them. Tell them you will take the kids to the pool, the park, pickup and drop-offs at school and other recreational things. This way everybody can be connected and help each other out.

Day Trader

Some investors are the kind that broker deals right out of their own living rooms. Hedge fund managers and other day traders often handle multiple people’s accounts, making moves on stocks according to daily reports and other breaking news. These types of people should certainly have their own business card printing to show people that professionals do exist outside of the “public” sphere that can do everything they need and then some. Help yourself build good contacts by ordering them online today. You can typically get a set of 250 for under $15 bucks.

Freelance Writers/Editors

Some magazines and other publications come out bi-monthly, if that. This means freelancers are working diligently during the other couple weeks to assemble their news stories, profile pieces and human interest articles for upcoming releases. There is a lot of work that must be done from home or on the fly, which means you will have plenty of time to meet with interviewees, slip them your business card on the way out and thus, build your own network. This comes in handy down the road when you are bound to run into similar individuals for similar stories (i.e. police officers, mayors and other public officials.)

Snow Removal/Lawn Care

For these busy seasons, there is always somewhere to go where the snow needs removing and the lawn needs maintaining. Plow people and weed whackers can unite behind cards that keep each other and the public in the know. These laborers start to get good rapport with people who like quick work done, especially in a great time of need. Show off your name with a card that says it all today.