Business Cards And The Colors That Define Them

You have probably heard a little about the effects that color has on your business cards in reference to setting the mood of your clientele. Psychologically, they can have a profound effect on anybody who comes in contact with your business card. They can be used to instigate a warm feeling right before they chow into your hearty catering services. They are used to emit a fresh, clean feeling right before a carpet cleaner comes in to treat your stains with eco-friendly chemicals. Various areas of commerce will try to evoke these emotional responses out of all their customers.


This can be a mysterious tone that helps contrast something close in your life. It can be a break from reality, providing an almost sleepy feeling. Use this for mattress emporiums, bed and bath stores and even nifty stores full of telescopes and other novelty electronics for that sleek and cool feeling.


This “color” contributes to clarity of vision, a pure spirit and a new outlook on life. It can clear people’s head of all the clutter and give them a reason for the sake of reason to try something new. Most business card printing will use this to some degree throughout their design.


Commonly associated with money and the environment, this can be useful when trying to emit a cool, collected mood. People feel safe when they seen greens being used for marketing purposes. It is perfect for lawn care companies, fresh food eateries and delis as well as conservational wildlife refuges.


To create a state of tranquility with your customers, use blue wherever possible. It is a relaxing color aimed at giving off a calm vibe. Salons, water softener salesmen, and other creative service people take note.


A very moody and exciting color, red creates a passion in people to act upon whatever it is you are offering them. This is perfect for the outgoing business owner who actively pursues his or her business every day. It is also great for restaurants as it evokes hunger too.


This pertains to earthiness and a solid foundation. Business cards that use brown are pretty self-conscious of themselves and everyone around them. Use it in craft shops, landscaping and excavation services and other eco-related fields.


Said to be synonymous with creativity, orange spices up the situation. It is normally indicative of vitality and can provide relief from stress and other ailments. This is ideal for the artistic talent in all of us.


A wizened color, yellow provokes joy and pleasure. It makes the art of deciding something a lot easier and is suited for intellectual people.