Business Card Layout Ideas

If you are looking to update the layout of your business cards, it might be simpler than you initially assumed. It is important to make sure that your business card printing best represents your personality and philosophy and there are a few easy tricks to update your current design.

Go Vertical

If you are thinking of freshening up the format of your contact cards, flipping them can be a cinch. It will take a little effort to reorganize your information into a vertical card rather than the standard horizontal variation, but it could just set you apart from the others and will definitely be worth your while. People will love the refreshing difference of seeing your cards compared to all the others and change is a good thing.

Logo Placement

Your logo should always be included in your business cards, but it is just a matter of where. If you are used to sticking it in the right with your business name on the left, now is the time for a change. Your logo can be oversized and off-center to draw attention to it, or you could just make it the center of your designs. If you have a colorful logo, this may be the best way to go about your business cards.

Front and Back Printing

Printing on the front and back of your business cards gives you more opportunity for layout looks and you can include more information than ever before. If you do it this way, you have the opportunity to introduce customers to your company using an eye-catching design on the front, and you can follow up with basic contact information on the back. If you do decide to go with this approach, try to make sure that the design elements are cohesive on both sides.