Brochure Printing – Uncoated, Matte or Gloss Finish

When you are in the process of ordering brochure printing for your business, there are many things you automatically consider along the way. Facets such as designs, folds, messages and branding strategies usually enter the mind when business owners consider printing brochures. Oftentimes you might think of how best to distribute your prints, what kinds of people should receive them and what types of deals you may or may not offer them on the interior pages. But an important one is sometimes overlooked and should be part of your main concerns: the finish.

Gloss Finish

Your online brochure printer should give you multiple options when it comes to bringing sheen to your piece. The top-shelf of all glossiness in the printing industry is lamination and is very much like the clear coat many wood-workers and garage-floor sealers apply in their daily occupation. This one makes your brochures feel crisp and protected while reflecting loads of sunshine and bright lights to catch the eyes of the passersby.

The other two standards frequently seen are aqueous and high-gloss UV coatings, which provide a popular film of protective material while allowing for a nice, cool shine. What many people forget is that all of these provide reinforcement to the piece which contributes to a longer lifespan and a more durable usage during that lifetime.


Matte finishes provide your brochures with a level of glow that is warm, inviting and mildly textured for a feel that is slightly out of the ordinary when considering smooth paper products. This type of paper absorbs more light, giving it a dullish but comfortable look that is ideal for certain services such as funeral homes, law offices, medical buildings and other more serious businesses. Matte always exudes a level of professionalism that is not as apparent in glossy products. It is an ideal choice for those looking to switch up the look and feel of their company and its offerings.


This option is always an option at printers both local and on the web. Many business owners ask for this when they want a more cost-effective selection when printing brochures. Sometimes their next campaign just calls for less quality and more quantity. You should always plan for how long any given ploy will survive in the consumer cycle. This will give you an accurate readout of the type of durability you need. Uncoated stock doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a brochure that simply crumbles upon any interaction with human touch. It just means they won’t emit any shine or extra protection. Paper integrity nowadays, no matter what kind you choose, has reached a point where it is still strong and structurally sound.