Brochure Printing For Non-Profit Organizations

Because of the nature of non-profit organizations, brochure printing can work to serve as the perfect fundraiser supplement to inform the public about endowments and other trusts in order to keep the movement running. Due to their inexpensive baggage, printing brochures is a fantastic way of spreading awareness about a particular trend, whether it is a negative one (cancer, AIDS research) or a positive one (artwork preservation, museum and library upkeep.) If a donor is to put forth a hefty sum of money in your good name, they will likely want to know more information about the current state of affairs both at your company at surrounding the issues at heart.

The first thing you should do once you have received your custom printed brochures is to test how well you have created them. If you have incorporated a sound design, an immediate call for action and perhaps an incentive or two amongst the backdrop of a solid overall piece, you will see reactions almost right away. Mail them to a small sampling of your targets of interest to measure a response.

If you have to make some tweaks, at least you haven’t sent out hundreds or even thousands yet (and can generally fix them quickly for your next order.) Then mail out more and calculate another response. This will be not only beneficial to your budget dollars, which is something most non-profits must pay close attention to, but it will help you gauge who actually gives two hoots and who doesn’t seem to give any.

Your best friend in all of this will be the slew of instant pricing calculators online. Brochures printed at the lowest rates don’t necessarily always mean that you will get the crappiest quality. In fact, most printers have incorporated sound techniques for quality all around, no matter what you request. With the calculation, you can zero in on whether or not you will need a thicker paper stock, glossy coatings, 50 or 500 and a turnaround time of 2 days or 6 days, all while watching your price fluctuate to a precise cost you had in mind. There is always room to make sacrifices and additions to your project, whether it is a smaller size and higher quantity you seek, or a larger size and direct mailing services to be included.

Just because you are part of a non-profit organization does not mean you should abandon all design elements and other proven methods of creating brochures that pack a punch. In fact, most non-profits are in a much better position to present something in stark contrast to present realities and trends, giving them the upper hand creating a stir within their communities. If you aim your efforts toward your donors while sticking to your own guns, it will spell success for you and yours in no time.