Brochure Printing For Clubs And Other Organizations

Keeping your club members physically involved with your goings-on is one thing, but maintaining their “in-the-know” status is another with brochure printing. You can’t always control how much input each member will be able to contribute but you can certainly make them all aware of upcoming events and financial statuses with a well-timed set of custom brochures. While some organizations would look right to newsletter printing as a way to keep this cycle going, others are seeking ways to save the association money, which brings them to this nifty method. It just goes to show you that there are multiple alternatives to traditional forms of communication, especially when you are trying to shave a few dollars off your final tally.


You should always keep people aware of the club’s latest accomplishments, whether it was a successful fundraiser that allowed you all to meet your goals or a food drive that brought in more than three times the expected amount. The more positives you get out of your organization, the more people feel an allegiance to it which will encourage them to stick around for months or years to come.

Use Group Photos

When printing brochures, you should always incorporate a range of images of the club in action. It is a great vehicle for showcasing the talents of many in a brightly colored, high-definition way. When the community and other members see this, they associate it with a tremendous amount of prideful feelings, which only boosts morale and promises even better events to come. It is a good idea to include a few that display your club’s ability to work together toward a common goal.

Use Bulleted Lists

This tactic is becoming more and more prevalent with any kind of print marketing, especially for brochure printing. Most people do not read even a fraction of what people put out there for them, meaning their eyes are busy scanning headlines, emboldened fonts and bulleted items. This will help remind your club of its goals and/or items up for business. They can serve as an agenda or just a bunch of fun facts related to the cause.

Profile A Member

Sometimes there are outstanding individuals that have put in a lot of recent time or effort to see to it that the organization’s goals are met. A nice way to recognize that person is with a short profile on the inside of your brochures. Depending on how large your group is, this could be a great way to introduce people (such as new member or key donors) as well as keep them in contact with other members. The more value you lend toward your club’s good name, the more noticeable you will be out in public.