Brochure Printing – DIY or Outsource?

Just as you have a decision to make regarding which route you will take for marketing your business, so too does that choice exist when contemplating brochure printing. Custom brochures can be really tricky to make from home while hiring some outside help can make a big dent in your costs (if you choose the wrong printer to assist you.) For something as complex as this, it would take a tremendous amount of resolve and patience, along with just as deep of pockets as it would take (if not deeper) to get it done at home.

Customized Designing

Perhaps you are already artistically inclined and can create your own brochure designs in no time. This would help, but how will you get them physically printed at the level of quality you originally created? Online printers can reproduce precisely the level of detail in color, depth, gradient and others with each order they send through the presses. For the not-so-adventurous, there is always a plethora of downloadable templates free of charge at most printers. This choice only goes so far as what you are willing to do. It is the goal of most of these places to give you everything you need to complete your order.


Keep in mind when printing brochures that you might need more than just a few. In fact, if you are looking to make a dozen or more, it will be much easier to order them in bulk online. Printing companies nowadays are poised to create tens of thousands of brochures for you within a few days. Their machinery is calibrated to streamline the project from the designing board to the printers to the shipment room in one simple swoop. Do you really want to try printing 10,000 of these on your own, or even 50 of them?


Sure, designing your own brochure online might only take you an hour or two. But what about the printing itself? How about the gathering of supplies at various suppliers all over town? And what would you do with them once you got them all printed? Factor in the time it will take to do everything you want, including any customization involved. Some things are just better left to a professional such as lamination, die-cutting, custom folding and more. Is the idea of the hassle getting to you yet?

Direct Mailing

It is a whole different universe when you get to this point. You will need to buy up the proper postage for the mailing weight, secure an appropriate order of envelopes, create designs for those envelopes, figure out a way to address each one and even then you will encounter some unsightly postal restrictions pertaining to your project. Do yourself a favor and skip the trouble – find a simple printer today that will satisfy all of your needs in one easy order. They’re out there!