Brochure Printing Design Tips

Your marketing material should be informative, but if it doesn’t look appealing, your printing purpose will fall flat. For the most effective brochure printing in your industry, vibrant full color designs are a must. Here are a few tips to get your layout and design efforts started off right.

Outline your content: Before you jump into the design process, you should outline what you want to include in your brochures and where the information should go. Once you know what you want on each panel, you can start to figure out the best ways to present that information. A good design is best approached with a specific focus and clear idea of what will be featured.

Avoid the clutter: When it comes to eye-catching design, less is more. Relevant colorful photos and interesting design accents are great paired with a bold font, but too much will become distracting. When you start to design each page, consider leaving some white space for a cleaner look and don’t cram too much content in one area. The nice thing about brochures is you can modify the folds to accommodate your content, rather than concentrating it all in one area.

Keep it concise: Brochure printing is a compact way to present plenty of information about a certain cause or your products and services. Rather than including wordy paragraphs and big blocks of texts, it is best to get to the point in a clear and concise way. Use bullet points and lists to present features and facts and whenever possible, add a bold headline or subhead to break up the text.

Feature full color photos: Without the right imagery, your brochures may be a bore, so it is important that you find the perfect photos for your designs. Full color creations thrive from vibrant images and visually appealing graphics, so have fun with the layout by incorporating more than just text.