Brochure Printing Concepts and Principles

If you were asked today, do you know how to create brochure printing that will fit your profile? There are a million ways to print brochures for businesses all over ranging from consultation services to helicopter rides, with each entity designing them a little differently than the time before (and some who go unflinching because business is that good.) When you are laying out your project, you should always be aware of a few things to get you started off in the right direction. People inherently expect a certain formula when printing marketing collateral of any type, which means you have a duty to uphold this time around.

Photos And Graphics

It is a useful statistic to know that people’s eyes tend to travel toward these elements of your printed brochure first. This means that the more effectively you can place and size them, the easier it will be to coax a reader into moving forward. They can be used to highlight product specifications, dimensions and colors, not to mention the product or service in action. Likewise, graphics can be created from scratch, which can be a visual cue for branding. If you plan on printing brochures often (or any other form of marketing for that matter), it is a good idea to hire a graphic designer who can make something magical for your purposes.


When you incorporate a caption beneath your graphics and pictures, you direct a person’s attention toward a deeper known fact. For example, if you just put an image of your volunteer organization on one page without any guiding words below it, how will your reader know the context of the photo? Tell them that you had just finished an organized effort to serve disabled veterans a hot meal, host a raffle and other fun events in support of their causes. People should know exactly what they are looking at, unless it is completely and utterly obvious in every way.

Headlines and Subheads

You can’t expect to get a lot of readers to follow your custom brochures all the way to the end without having the proper categorical headlines and subheadings on each page. Imagine opening a brochure only to see what seems like miles of small text. They are more or less an unconscious guide for the viewer to usher them to the sections that will be of primary interest. They stress importance and creativity (when using a cool font), so make sure they are large, readable and consistent from page to page.

Print Them Professionally

Choosing an online printer that can complete your brochure printing is the quickest way to money-saving opportunities, not to mention the best quality available. Your colors, gloss, paper stock and folds will be crisp, clear and amazing in every way. Today’s technology is part of the reason – the other is the amount of expertise given by the professionals involved.