Brochure Printing Companies – Who is Right For You

Finding the right brochure printing company is like picking the right watermelon in the hot summer months. While you might be able to find sweetened deals on custom brochures all over the web, there will certainly be one or two in the pack that can provide you the best overall deal, equivalent to the juiciest melon in the patch. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you once you have done a little research to discover how many things print providers have in common. Rush orders are a cinch, the quality is top-notch – you can even design your own brochures online. Here are a few more telling signs of the perfect printer.


Most of these places will have a hefty amount of new devices and technological prowess to get you the latest and greatest as far as quality is concerned. Look for companies with 4-, 5- and 6-color printing presses. Komori is a popular brand and is a sure sign of a business that knows what it is doing. Also, if they are able to provide you free online design templates, you know they have gone a step further in providing you and easy experience from start to finish.

Sample Kits

Once again, another free service is sample kit distribution, which is perfect for the business owner that is looking to compare a few companies before he or she takes the next plunge into marketing success. These give people an accurate reading of paper quality, coating shininess, structural integrity, color vividness and more. Even if you are not comparing with another company, it is a good idea to have your printer send you one of these to give you a good idea of what your brochures could look like for your purposes.

Seals of Approval

A brochure printing company web site should have a certain amount of professional approval from outside agencies, whether it is simply in support of securing your private information (such as credit card numbers when you make your purchase) or establishing your credibility by being recognized in Forbes Magazine. Make sure you can clearly see a stamp or seal that gives your company’s good name an even better one.

Turnaround Times

This is the amount of time it will take your brochure printer to execute your project, not necessarily the time it takes to get to you or your customers. Look for a place that can get them done for you within 2, 4 or 6 business days. These places frequently have options for same-day and next-day shipments too, depending on when you can get your order approved. If they can’t get it out to you within a week, you might bother telling them you’ll go elsewhere.